Reel by Moment


Giving the perfect gift experience can be tough - especially when you can't be there and sending cash is the best option. Reel by Moment creates videos to make your cash gift feel thoughtful.



Reel by Moment was created and launched by the Kenzie Lane Innovation team with the goal to make gifting and thinking of others easier & more meaningful. It was a treat to work through the entire process of ideation, user research, wireframing, branding, illustrations, implementation, & marketing launch as lead designer.


I lead branding workshops and brought in imagery that resonated with each brand principle to create a giant mood board, which we then used to create a visual language.

IMG_4383 2.jpg

Our team focused on the video  collection experience: each member of the gifting group enters with their name and records answers to questions we believe create the most meaningful message.​ I also created a crew of illustrations to guide our user through recording a video message with a warm-neutral palette and playful texture for that authentic vibe.